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Button Revealed

Here is the the new Orson Welles Complex Button. Taking a cue from The Film School’s original logo, a new button is revealed. The button is 2 inches by 2 inches, and is worn in a diamond design. Perfect for any occasion. To get yours, simply make a donation of $25 to the making of […]

Othello At the Brattle Theatre

A new digitally remastered version of Orson Welles’ Othello will be screening at The Brattle Theatre starting this Friday, June 27. Click on “The Brattle” link for showtimes. Faced with his customary budgetary constraints, Welles took what he had and created something that is uniquely his. By all means if you’re in the Harvard Square […]

The Poster Restoration Project

Surprises seem to pop up whenever The Orson Welles Complex comes into a conversation. Sometimes it is memories. Sometimes it is when we find someone we never thought had a connection, was indeed a Wellesian, our name for those connected to our late and beloved place. One surprise that is no longer a surprise concerns […]

Searching for Jay Leno

Making a movie, or maybe it is just any project, there are going to be some side trips and diversions; you pursue something thinking it will yield a great angle for the film. Here’s an example: I had been told that Jay Leno got his start as a comic at the Orson Welles Restaurant. There […]