We Need Money: Sad, but True. It’s a Mercenary World.

keaton-sherlock_optWhat made the Welles great was the community it created. When we started this project, it was that community we remembered. The thought was if everyone who loved the Welles supported our crowd funding campaign with $50, the film would be funded in no time. Well, we was overly optimistic and perhaps, a little naive.

We have filmed a number of great segments, including Tommy Lee Jones. Now we are facing the real possibility of not being able to finish what we started. We need your help. Please go to the web site and support our crowd funding effort with what you can. And/or, do you know anyone who would like to invest and perhaps become an Executive Producer? We have shiny proposal for them to look at. Please contact us at OrsonWellesComplex@gmail.com–subject line: Investor.

And thanks!

Garen Daly
Producer/Director, The Orson Welles Complex