7b3b0e80-e911-47d2-8bdb-cc2645713dccPLEASE SUPPORT THE ORSON WELLES COMPLEX
The folks of Bedford Falls knew. They were a community, and a community stands together.
The Orson Welles was such a community, and still is. The Welles was a cinema, a film school, a restaurant, and more. Whether it was watching a movie, or meeting directors or making a film or simply eating a meal with friends, The Welles was brought people together. We were touched by it. We were a community. We were a part of something special.
And yes, the Welles was special. Everyone who went there knew it. By going, we became “Wellesians”. We were touched by a place, experiencing rare moments in time that still echo. It was extraordinary. Its continuing impact, in our lives and within the world of film, makes it even more extraordinary. This extraordinary story needs to told. For us do that, we need your help. We can’t do it alone. Please consider donating to this film. Thank you.

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